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  • Travelling Crib - Year 3
    A beautiful prayer in our travelling crib book
  • Year 3 Book Creator
    Welcome back to Computing Year 3. How fantastic they have been today. The children have learnt how to search the Internet for pictures, save them to the camera roll and then place them into Book Creator comics.
  • Year 3 Laptops
    Our amazing Year 3 have today been on the laptops. So much learning has taken place including, highlighting, shift key, usernames and passwords, font size, spellcheck and grammar and punctuation mistakes!
  • Year 3 Kahoots
    Fast paced afternoon with Year 3. Participating in a ‘3D Shapes’ Kahoot quiz and a magnificent 74%. Using ScratchJR to code our initials and save our work. Lastly drawing the Great Pyramids of Giza for their topic work. A big well done Year 3
  • Year 3 & 4 Lenten Reflection
    Year 3 & 4 Lenten Reflection - Stations of the Cross
  • Year 3 Creative RE
    Year 3 creative RE - what is important at Easter?
  • Year 3 Computing Yes/No!
    Fantastic afternoon in Year 3. The children have played the Who is it? Game where they can only ask questions with a yes/no answer. Painting by numbers - A Woolly Mammoth! Catch up with Newsround.
  • Year 3 Branching Databases
    The children have started to understand Branching Databases by asking questions that only have a yes/no answers. The children also created their own Stone Age setting.
  • Year 3 Stone Age Photographs
    Year 3 have used pictures from their topic work to create Stone Age photographs
  • Year 3 Liturgical Calendar
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