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Year 5

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Latest News

Year 5

  • Year 5 had a super busy afternoon in Computing. The children worked very hard on their class topic by making a speech bubble picture with the features of a river. Two Kahoots, one about rivers and another about Halloween. Well done to all winners.
  • Year 5 have used the video-based storytelling tool Plotagon to tell their audience all about Mount Everest. Using such facts as Mount Everest is 60 million Years old and the youngest climber was only 13 years old! Well done Year 5.
  • Very proud of our Year 5 today. Exploring and planning for their animation unit this term. Today the children have learnt that the word animation means ‘to give life to’. By the end of this term Year 5 will create their own animated cartoon.
  • Almost ready for Year 6!!! Year 5 had a moment of reflection today as they wrote and read Prayers of Intention for their new class #SJFY5prayer
  • Year 5 have been designing their very own Minecraft Characters today. They did very well!
  • Year 5 are using the coding app Pyonkee. They have used Pyonkee to paint an Ancient Greek artefact and turn this into a sprite. Lastly they have coded their sprite.
  • Year 5 had a wonderful afternoon taking part in the sport of fencing. Fencing is an exciting, fast paced sport. Year 5 learned the rules of fencing and thoroughly enjoyed their time.
  • Year 5 are pictured here using Kodu to enhance their code learning.
  • Year 5 have been playing Kahoots today. Kahoots are fun and engaging learning in the form of a quiz.
  • Year 5 have been practicing their times tables using the wonderful Hit the Button.
  • Year 5 children investigating paper and computerised databases. The children have been learning that databases are made up of records and fields and have started to discover how to search a computerised database.
  • Today Year 5 could only communicate through their class blog today. A very quiet Year 5.
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Year 5 Computing afternoon theme is games and puzzles. Snakes and ladders proved extremely popular with Year 5. Then Quick, Draw!